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These days many people find themselves drifting in and out of motivated parts of their life and often struggle to find the motivation to stay on track and stay on the wagon! Let me tell you now that this is completely normal and that everyone experiences the same problems all over the world in many different ways! From the most unfit to the fittest, from famous athletes to beginners, we all go through spells of weakness, fall off track and lose focus. It's how we overcome them and how to deal with it when this point comes that's the trick!

Personal Trainer Sunderland

As a personal trainer I have found that these two problems are the most common and here is a little help to overcome them:

Friends or enemies?
Socialising with friends, partners, work colleagues and family sometimes can be tough when following a strict programme/regime. When everyone around you seems to be eating what they want! Drinking what they want! Not training at all! Seem to be having more fun! This can be tough and these people, people who are close to you, people who love you, will still try to make you fall off your wagon! Yes, that's right! Consciously for their own selfish reasons and unconsciously because they are jealous of your progress or simply because it makes them feel guilty or bad about their own situation.

The point is, it is inevitable that people WILL try to tease/tempt you!

The answer: When planning/starting or even half way through your journey, sit down with friends, family, work colleagues etc and explain to them how important it is to you, explain why you need/want to hit your targets and ask for their support and where possible avoid temptation.

Not seeing results!
We have all been there! Training your butt off, eating really well! Working hard to plan/prepare daily meals and daily routines! Just when you think you're doing so well, you step on the scales and NOTHING, no change! Lol

Yes it happens to us all! your not alone and this can happen to everyone. There are many reasons for this. Over a period of time your body will adapt to the exercise or/and food programme you are following and will start to utilise fuel/energy for efficiently. Many people plateau when training, it's just your body adjusting to change!

The answer: Stay Focused! Don't let all your hard work be blown away! It's so easy to blow everything at this point as your mind will play tricks with you. The slightest nudge of temptation might send you off track at this point! Many people I have trained over the years fall at this hurdle, thinking to themselves 'Is all this hard work/effort really worth it?' or What is the point, all that hard work for nothing!' Sound familiar?

Again, this is your mind playing tricks with you, trying to get you to slip back into your old ways. Do you want to go back there? After all you're hard work? NO!!

Remember your GOAL! Constantly remind yourself why you want or why you need to reach your GOAL. Focus all your energy into the future, stay positive. It is a normal part of your journey to overcome this process and in the end all your effort will be rewarded!

"If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page"
"Some succeed because they're destined; others succeed because they're DETERMINED"
"The more effort you put into something, the more you get in return."

Personal Trainer Sunderland